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Devotions For A Deeper Life – Oswald Chambers

Devotions For A Deeper Life – Oswald Chambers
Devotions for a Deeper Life Book Cover Devotions for a Deeper Life
Oswald Chambers
November 1, 2016

This is a 365 Day Devotional. This is a collection of writings by Oswald Chambers, most known for writing My Utmost for His Highest. You can definitely sense the style of writing that was used back in the early 1900s. The amazing thing is that it is still so relevant today. Each devotion contains a scripture, a writing by Oswald, a prayer thought and suggested reading. So far the devotions I have read have been awesome, challenging and brought a different perspective to the scripture. In this sense, the devotion lives up to its name of bringing about a deeper life.

As far as the quality and size of this devotional, it is amazing. Hard cover, pages are thick and glossy, with grey and gold theme. It also comes with bookmark.

The one thing I would change is the Bible translation. It uses KJV and boy was that hard for me to understand. Often I just looked up the scripture in my Bible or on my phone so I could understand what it said. I understand this is most likely what Oswald was using and they wanted to keep it genuine to that, however, I believe NKJV could have been used to allow for a better user experience. If using a KJV version for scripture, or checking your own Bible to read the scripture doesn’t bother you than I would definitely recommend this devotional, as the actual content that Oswald Chambers shares is on point.