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How’s Your Soul? By Judah Smith

How's Your Soul? Book Cover How's Your Soul?
Judah Smith
HarperCollins Christian Publishing
November 15, 2016

How’s your soul?

Such a simple question, perhaps not such a simple answer. Full of vulnerability and personal stories, as is the norm with Judah, this book asks a question that needs to be asked, especially in today’s culture. How are you doing, or how is your day are questions that 99% of the time receive a one-word answer with zero reflection. I have done it, frankly, we all do it. Asking “how is your soul?” however, requires some introspection to answer properly.

Judah Smith’s book is aimed not only at Christians but those searching for more. It’s a book that can make you go through a field of emotions, from laughing to crying to deep thought and back to laughing… all in about three sentences! He uses his expository skills to show that our souls need rest, responsibility and restraint. This book is clear and easy to read, and the overall size of the book makes it a great gift as well.

Favourite Quotes:

“Guess what parenting is all about? Leading our kids to a place where they can say no for themselves, even when they want to say yes.”

In the journey of life, emotions make great companions but terrible leaders.”

What if we all counted to three and then simultaneously did whatever we felt like doing? Play it out mentally. It would be complete and utter chaos. You think zombies are bad? Imagine billions of people whose only criteria for decision making were their feelings and emotions and desires. It would be like shopping on Black Friday.”

Either life is meaningless and my existence doesn’t matter — or God is the only hope I have”

Even when we confront, we do so from an attitude and an expectation that our love is not going to be withdrawn no matter what happens”

Do I live according to who I really am, or do I live according to who people perceive me to be or want me to be?”

Rather than asking, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” we should ask a far more important question: “What do you want your life to look like?” Or maybe, “What kind of soul do you want to have?””

Too many times as Christians we imply that people have to first behave and believe the right way before they can belong to our communities. We don’t do it on purpose, but our actions and reactions when we see their flaws leave little doubt that they are outsiders.”

All we need to have healthy soul identities:

  • We have our identities set firmly in Jesus, the source and definition of who we really are.
  • We have a Saviour who is superior to all authority and power, and he declares that we are blessed and approved.
  • We have a salvation that is great, that is complete, final and free.
  • We have a community of Jesus followers where we belong even if we don’t believe or behave exactly right.

Whatever God starts, he finishes. Think about that. You can’t find one place in the Bible where God started something and said, “Actually, I’ve changed my mind. I lost interest. This is too much work. I’m out.””

Life’s complexities and challenges would be far less complex and far less challenging if we could approach every day like Jesus did: from heaven to earth.”



Jesus is for You

This was a fantastic little book. If you’re ever in need of some inspiration or reminder of how much God loves you this is a great book to have at your coffee table. The book itself is put together beautifully, the cover and the glossy pages help make the book stand out in its quality. Jesus is for You is compromised of stories of God’s relentless love. They are mainly short little stories 1 or 2 pages long and you could read them all at once or take more of daily approach to them. Judah Smith also includes some great scriptures and quotes that fit in well to the theme of the book. This is a great book to gift, no matter the age or where they’re at with their walk.

About the Author

Judah Smith is the lead pastor of the City of Church in Seattle, Washington. The City Church is a thriving multisite church noted for its cultural relevance, commitment to biblical integrity and faith, and love for Jesus. Judah is known round the United States and the world for his preaching ministry. His fresh, anointed, humorous messages demystify the Bible and make Christianity real. Judah is also the author of his most recent New York Times bestselling book,Jesus Is _____.

Life Is ___ by Judah Smith

Even though I feel he has a secret mission to make us all Seattle Seahawks fans, I love this guy. I love his writing style and his sense of humour, he makes reading fun. Judah Smith has a way of making stories of the Bible relevant as he paraphrases them into the lingo of the day. Before I read Life Is, I borrowed Jesus Is from a friend and couldn’t put it down, so I knew coming into the book I would have the same problem. I love that he is raw about where and who he is and how he makes Jesus and the Bible relatable.

The book is centered around the question; what is life about? He completes it by saying Life is; to be loved and to love, to trust God in every moment, to be at peace with God and yourself and to enjoy God. His stories are simple yet profound and have helped to give me a greater understanding of different stories in the Bible and what it means to be a follower of Christ.

One of the habits I have gained when reading is to highlight key sentences or passages that stick out to me and I found myself doing this quite a bit in this book. I encourage you to read this book and then share it with a friend. I am always looking for a book I can give to a friend that may not yet be a Christian and this is one of them that I would definitely with confident and comfortable passing on.


Here are some of my favourite quotes:


“Selfishness is the essence of Sin.”

“God doesn’t give us what we think we deserve. He gives us what he wants to give us, and he asks us to trust him that it is right.”

“When I die, I want to be known as a man who knew Jesus, enjoyed Jesus, was loved by Jesus, and focused on Jesus.”

“It comes down to this: Do we trust God? Do we trust that whatever he deems right will be enough? Do we trust that he is just, that he is right, that he is good, and that he is merciful?”

“The key to handling the distractions of life is to focus on Jesus, the source of peace.”