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Daily Checklist #14: Three Reasons Why Most Don’t Succeed.

“My working assumption is that everyone wants to succeed. It makes sense doesn’t it? But why don;t they succeed? There are three reasons: deficiency of skills, lack of desire, or poor leadership.”

-Frank Pacetta

I find this so true, the amazing thing about our opportunity is that if you lack skills and leadership we can help you overcome that. We have amazing leadership within our organization that are willing to teach you all the skills you need to be a SUCCESS┬áin your life and in business. What we can’t overcome for someone else is a lack of desire, that desire to become better, have better and do better must be itching inside a person for them to find success. So really it comes down to an issue of attitude, which you are in total control of.

Daily Checklist #9: Three Types of People

Joel Stockstill was a guest speaker @livinghope this weekend, he shared an amazing message about how to handle yourself when “trees fall south.” He shared that there are three types of people:

1) Eggs…When you drop them the splatter and they can never recover.

2) Oranges…When you drop them, they don’t break but if you drop them enough times they bruise and they are no longer good.

3) Bouncy Balls….When you drop them, they bounce back even higher than where they were before.

It’s a great analogy to remind yourself of anytime something doesn’t go your way; use the momentum the devil is trying to use to bring you down to spring you even higher than you ever were before! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.