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Falling Free by Shannan Martin

Falling Free by Shannan Martin

Favourite Quotes:

“Our culture bombards us with the message that we should aspire to have more and do less…God offers a better way: have less and do more.”

“There’s a difference between being too scared to do hard things and doing hard things scared. Communing with the God of the universe will inspire all kinds of unscripted movement and giant leaps past “normal.” It’ll make surrendering seem like the safest way.”

Great Questions she asks:

“In a world where we possess the power to distract or buy our way out of most discomfort, can we ever really mean it when we say God is all we need?”

“Can I really trust enough to believe my plans are meaningless apart from him?”

I actually chose to review this book for my wife to read. Instead I ended up reading the first chapter and was unable to put it down and so, decided to read it for myself. This is a story about Shannan Martin and her family and how she ended up being rescued from the life she always wanted. It makes you question whether that perfect dream life you imagine for yourself is really the life you should aim for. Perhaps, when we are fully in God’s will there is an even better dream life that we couldn’t even imagine.

Falling Free is a story that will challenge you emotionally and spiritually as you learn story after story of their surrender and sacrifice. It is written like you are having a coffee table conversation about life, full of raw honesty, humour and questioning whether the choices she makes are the right ones. Her story really helped add a new perspective to what it means to surrender to what God wants to do with our life.” As an example, they go from living their dream life to living in what most would call the ghetto as she feels led by the Holy Spirit. They give up their life savings and their dream farm house, then deal with her quitting her job and her husband then losing his. They adopt one child, to then adopt another, to then adopter another(!!), then let a 19 year live with them. Enough surrendering and sacrifice than most of us would typically like to admit we would want to handle. If you want a story to challenge you to do more, be more grateful for what you have and push yourself closer to surrendering your whole life to God, then read this.

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Jesus is for You

This was a fantastic little book. If you’re ever in need of some inspiration or reminder of how much God loves you this is a great book to have at your coffee table. The book itself is put together beautifully, the cover and the glossy pages help make the book stand out in its quality. Jesus is for You is compromised of stories of God’s relentless love. They are mainly short little stories 1 or 2 pages long and you could read them all at once or take more of daily approach to them. Judah Smith also includes some great scriptures and quotes that fit in well to the theme of the book. This is a great book to gift, no matter the age or where they’re at with their walk.

About the Author

Judah Smith is the lead pastor of the City of Church in Seattle, Washington. The City Church is a thriving multisite church noted for its cultural relevance, commitment to biblical integrity and faith, and love for Jesus. Judah is known round the United States and the world for his preaching ministry. His fresh, anointed, humorous messages demystify the Bible and make Christianity real. Judah is also the author of his most recent New York Times bestselling book,Jesus Is _____.

Do you want to live a life that is one level above the boring existence lived by the vast majority of people? Contd….

Do you want to live a life that is one level above the boring existence lived by the vast majority of people?

Do you want to live in such a way that when you get to the end of your life you have few regrets?

Do you want to make a maximum impact with the one life you get to live?

Do you want to have a life where God actually uses you to change things?

Do you want to have a life that is exciting, fulfilling, exhilarating, and occasionally terrifying, but where you actually really matter?

Do you want a life where you are more encouraged and less discouraged?

All that and more will happen if you do this one thing….play to your strengths.

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