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Daily Checklist #17: How Much Do You Know About The People On Your Team?

How Much Do You Know About The People On Your Team?

Here are 11 questions put together by Frank Pacetta in Don’t Fire Them, Fire Them Up. They are great questions to get to know more about what is at the heart of the teammates that you are leading.

1) What’s your background? Tell me about yourself.
2) Who was your role model growing up and why?
3) What’s the toughest thing you’ve ever done?
4) What was your most satisfying accomplishment?
5) What was the worst of times for you?
6) What excites or motivates you?
7) What do you do in your spare time?
8) Tell me about the best manager, coach, or teach you’ve ever had.
9) What can I improve on as a manager or a leader?
10) What can the company improve on?
11) How do you like being treated?

Review: Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary

by Ben Silk 0 Comments
Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary Book Cover Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Ronald F. Youngblood
Thomas Nelson
October 1, 2014

Nelson's Illustrated Bible Dictionary is the most comprehensive and up-to-date Bible dictionary available. With a fresh new look and updated photographs, this new and enhanced edition is a wealth of basic study information with more than 7,000 entries plus more than 500 full-color photographs, maps, and pronunciation guides. Features include: Cross-references to major translations More than 7,000 up-to-date entries More than 500 full-color photographs and maps Enlarged type size for easier reading Visual Survey of the Bible from The Open Bible

When I saw this book appear for review I was pumped. I have personally been looking for this type of bible dictionary for a while now.  I’ve been told early on as a Christian that when the Bible uses certain words, for example the word Love, there can be several different meanings. This of course happens due to the fact that it has been translated across several languages, and has been something that has always interested me. Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary allows you to delve deeper into the Word of God and discover deeper meaning behind scripture. I love how it has a Visual Survey of the Bible, mapping out where people were when the scriptures were written. It has allowed me to put much more imagery to what I am reading and envision what it was like for people living at the time of the writings. It definitely caters to those of us who are visual learners. Being able to go to one area and learn about all the animals of the Bible, for example, is another amazing feature of a bible dictionary. This will definitely be a cherished piece in my library, continually open as a read through God’s word. With big, easy-to-read print and over 500 photo’s I highly recommend Nelson’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

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