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Daily Checklist #20: Four Major Effects Believers Should Have On The Culture Around Them

This is from O.S. Hawkins and breaking down the scripture Matthew 5:13

13 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.

There are four major things that we can do to impact the culture around us by being the “salt of the earth”:

1) Salt Preserves – We must preserve our culture. 
2) Salt Flavours – It only takes a little salt to make a huge difference.
3) Salt Stings – We can use our example to convict others.
4) Salt Creates a Thirst – For the living water that enables us to never thirst again. 

Daily Checklist #19: Recognizing People of True Value

One of the most influential areas of your life that will determine where you end up is the people you hang around with. Van Moody shares in The People Factor what people of true value to your life should look like.

1) They should be seeking to please God, not looking to gain others approval.

2) They bring fulfillment, not frustration, to those with whom they are in relationships.

3) They take joy in helping prepare others for greatness instead of taking pride in their own accomplishments.

Ask yourself, are you being a person of true value to others around you?

Daily Checklist #18: A SERVANT SELF-TEST

1) When someone assumes you will do the hard work, do you joyfully accept responsibility, or do you do it grudgingly and resentfully?

Servants expect to do the hard work.

2) When you take up the extra slack, do you point it out to get the credit you deserve? Or are you satisfied by simply lifting the burden from another person’s shoulders?

Servants say “I have only done my duty.”

3) Imagine working under someone who you feel is less qualified than you. Do you challenge their authority to highlight their deficiencies and prove your own qualifications? Or do you work to bring success to the whole team? A football coach uses different personnel to manage different positions; the purpose is to get the right people in position to score. The team is more important than any individual’s role.

Servants understand that the goal is more important than the role.

4) Do you trade services or skills only for greater power in any given situation, holding out unless you get your way? Or do you give freely and without expecting anything in return?

Servants trade power for the privilege of seeing others succeed.