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Loving yourself (part 2)


Last night, I attended a women’s event at my church Living Hope, that was titled going from Ditzy to Ritzy. And so this is the 2nd part of the ‘Loving yourself’ series.
When she began she talked about the many masks that many of us put on. Sometimes it might just be one and sometimes its more than one. But regardless of how many we put on, they are still masks and they are not us.
Here are some of the masks we put on:

– Ditzy mask: where we dummify ourselves to seek attention from one thing especially, Men. Specifically she used the example that there’s a new guy at the office who is just absolutely handsome and his cubicle just happens to be right near the water cooler and so time after time we will walk and back forth to that cooler with our ditzy mask on. And yes sometimes its not men. Sometimes we have a friend or group of friends that are very smart and we put on this mask around them in fear they will talk about things we dont understand. So to be safe we just act ditzy. A lot of, if not all, men don’t find the ditzy mask attractive. They don’t find the ‘easy girl’ routine even remotely cute.
Men want a confident women. That is what makes you attractive, so please don’t go lowering your standards just to fit in, don’t go lowering your standards just so that one guy can finally notice you. Don’t go lowering your standard just for attention. There’s already someone who loves you more than anything in the whole wide universe and wants your attention. One who wants to let you know just how much he loves you. And his name is Jesus. The one man whom your standards should matter to. Yes we have our spouses and everything but even then. What he did for you and I on that cross is irreplaceable, it means SO much. He loves you just the way you are. When God looks at you and I he sees princesses, Queens even. I dont know about you but I would rather be a Queen in His eyes than an easy target in some guys eyes.
I pray that maybe if there is a mask out there that you are wearing maybe its the ditzy mask, that God will put his finger on it and reveal it to you.

– Religious mask: this mask is especially for all you christian ladies out there. This mask is the one we put in church that says that we have got it together and everything in our walk with God is amazing and that nothings is wrong. This mask is most often worn when we are going through tough times but instead of being real we put this facade on. It says in 2 Timothy 1:7
“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” And that means also being real which each other. We dont always have it all together and that’s okay. I dont expect you to and neither does God. And thats the great news.
– The Guru mask: these are the know-it alls. Now dont get me wrong there’s a difference between knowing a lot of things and being a know-it all, someone who is NEVER wrong. No matter what happens or what you say, that person is never wrong especially when they are wrong they will do everything in their power to prove you wrong. Because humbling themselves and saying you know what ‘I am sorry, I was wrong’ is a pride thing. We are not willing to be humbled and so we are prideful. Pride says im never wrong, a humble attitude says forgive me for I was wrong, thank you for correcting me. Like I said knowing a lot of things is different than acting like you know it all. There is nothing wrong with being wrong. There is something humbling about someone who is not afraid to be wrong because that means growth is taking place.
And so I challenge you to really look at yourself and see if sometimes or even all the time do you wear this mask?
The world has so many standards for us, for me, but thankfully there is only one that really truly matters and thats Gods standards. You are royalty!!! A co heir with Jesus. So lets remove all the masks and lets be who we are meant to be.

Book 6: The People Factor by Van Moody

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The People Factor

The People Factor

One of the best books I have read on how to build great relationships. Van Moody, a pastor from Birmingham, Alabama explains that “there are no neutral relationships.”  The People Factor provides you with clear steps on how to approach relationships and to build them to be stronger than ever. He covers the laws that govern relationships and asks thought-provoking questions to help you enhance your “relational IQ”.  This book illuminates God’s word in magnificent ways and allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the different types of relationships used throughout the Bible. By using examples from the Bible, Van Moody demonstrates that whenever “God wants to do something in a person’s life, He usually does it through a relationship.” Whether you are looking to define what to look for in a healthy relationship, find out if you are in a toxic one or learn how to end a relationship that is hurting you; this book covers it all. The People Factor not only taught me a great deal about myself, it made me incredibly grateful for the friends and support system I have surrounded myself with. It made me grateful for the relationship I have with God and that I can seek his word to find help on relationships that is still relevant in today’s world! I encourage you to take the time to read this book and watch as it transforms your relationships.

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Loving yourself (part 1)


Ladies, this is a touchy subject when it comes to loving ourselves. This is an area I have struggled with and I am still learning and growing.
When you look at youself, what do you see? How do you feel? This question isn’t always easy to answer. There are tons of bible verse that talk about how God sees us.
For example;
* You are the salt of the earth. You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14
* Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky.” Philipphians 2:15

So why is it that we have a hard time seeing or even believing what He says?
I believe that as we get closer to God, continue to walk in obedience with Him and get to know Him, he reveals more of himself to us. As we know, if we try to hang on to our lives we will lose them but if we will lose our lives for Him we will find them.
I honestly believe that when we find our lives through Christ he provides us with the strength we need to face up to the hurts that may have caused us to look at ourselves negatively.
I encourage you to get into his presence and let him reveal and heal those hurts. In that, we will be set free from past hurts that used to define us and we can make room for God’s truth (which now defines us, who we are in Him and how we are to live).

So to begin this series, for today just take the time to look at yourself and try to look beyond the physical. Do you like who you are? Whether yes or no, why? What are the things you like about yourself?