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Review: It’s a God Thing Volume 2

by Ben Silk 0 Comments
It's a God Thing Book Cover It's a God Thing
Don Jacobson, K-LOVE (Radio network),
Thomas Nelson Publishers
January 7, 2014

Shares stories that show evidence of God carrying out miracles in the lives of everyday people, from a young autistic girl becoming a talented ballerina overnight to a backpacker who walked way from a terrorist attack.

It’s a God Thing Volume 2 is definitely a book for anyone who could use encouragement. After reading the original volume in this series, I knew right away that I wanted to read this book. Just like the original volume this book is full of short stories containing everyday miracles. I chose to get this volume in an eBook format as I could easily read one story on the bus on my way to work and feel full of joy after reading a short story of an everyday miracle. For me, this is the type of book you read and pass it on so that it can reach the most people possible.  I loved that each story is unique and yet the same in the fact that they can only be explained by stating “its a God thing.” If you are a Christian this book will help strengthen your faith and remind you that God is always in control and always present and watching over us. If you are not yet a Christian, I pray that this book will show you the power of an amazing God that loves you, forgives you and will redeem you as you believe in his Son, Jesus Christ.

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15 Reasons I love My Wife

by Ben Silk 0 Comments

Today is our 15 month wedding anniversary so I thought I would take the time to think about 15 reasons why I love my wife! In no particular order 🙂

1. You have an amazing heart for helping others.
2. You have the best laugh.
3. You light up any room you are in.
4. You are not afraid to speak your mind and say it like it is.
5. You always have my back.
6. You are humble.
7. You have a desire to grow and get better.
8. You are a strong woman of God.
9. You are full of gifts and talents.
10. You are an amazing cook.
11. You are an encourager of people.
12. You radiate beauty.
13. You love me for who I am.
14. You love to play games.
15. You are my best friend and the love of my life.