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Bible Review: Faithlife Study Bible

This NIV Study Bible is amazing.

It has a ton of cool info-graphic features that really helped bring a greater meaning and understanding to certain passages of scripture. For example, being able to see a genealogy chart in Numbers really helped me to follow along with the huge list of names that are being presented. I don’t know about you but being able to visualize it in a family tree definitely helped me see connections and the magnitude of what had been recorded much easier.

The font is bigger than my other Bibles, which makes it easy to read, especially with all the study notes that are included on each page.

I attended a conference on how to study the Word of God and happened to bring along this Bible. The pastor made several references to study notes that were in this Bible already! That helped bring credibility to what he was saying and knowing that the study notes were solid.

If you are looking for a study Bible that has those extra features, this is definitely the Bible you should be picking up. It contains family trees, overview articles on key themes and topics, several maps and special time lines of Jesus’ life, and many other cool features.