NKJV Word Study Bible

NKJV Word Study Bible Book Cover NKJV Word Study Bible
Thomas Nelson
Thomas Nelson
September 27, 2016

I have been looking for a Word Study Bible for a while. It contains over 1700 word studies in Aramaic,  Hebrew and Greek. It also contains a concordance, full color maps, book introductions, Words of Christ in red and indexes. One of the best things I liked about this Bible is the font size! The other Bibles that I own tend to have a much smaller font size so this was a welcome change and made it very easy to read.

The version I have is hard cover and feels very durable, I believe it also comes in a leather-bound edition as well. One cool feature I really enjoyed; any word that is part of the word study is underlined. When you look at the word it also gives you all the other places the word is used in the Bible. I chose to read the books of Acts to get a feel for how the word studies work in this Bible, and found the background information very helpful. It brought a new perspective to a bunch of different scriptures for me. In addition, having the maps of the Bible in the back made it easy to follow along the journey that Paul and the other disciples take in Acts.

If you are looking for a Word Study Bible this NKJV is definitely one I would go with, great font size and easy to read and a bunch of useful features makes this a Bible I will be using a lot.

This Bible was given to me by BookLook Bloggers for an honest review.

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