I hate Mondays…

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Happy thanksgiving!! Thanksgiving is SUCH a wonderful time of the year. Getting together with family and eating ALL THAT DELICIOUS FOOD is a blessing. I could go on but today I wanted to ask you when is the last time you’ve been thankful for a Monday?

You might be thinking, “Girl bye Mondays are wickity wickity wack”. And why is that? Maybe it’s because Monday is a reminder that the fun that weekends bring is basically over and that nothing but work, errands, exhaustion and endless tasks loom ahead.

I used to DREAD Mondays…Sunday night would roll around and I would go to bed almost depressed like “here we go again, the week hasn’t even begun and I’m already tired and ready for Friday to come around”. And even more so now as a mom, I love having my husband home on the weekends so Mondays remind me that I’m starting another week of “no relief till 6pm comes around” (I know I am working on it).

Psalm 118:24English Standard Version (ESV)

24 This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it

A couple of months ago though, I felt convicted to start my week off with a bang. To make Mondays like my Fridays and be just as excited for them to come around. A day to look forward to instead of a day I dread. So naturally I laughed because almost everyone hates Mondays…but God wanted me to change that thinking.

Equipped with that verse, I set off to make Mondays my BEST day of the week. And being a baby stepper I wanted to do something small and practical. Set myself up for success if you will.

My Mondays now begin with tea while I worship and read my devotional for the day. Something as simple as adding a ‘cuppa’ to my morning routine has drastically changed things for me. Another thing I do is write out an encouraging word or verse in my agenda each day of the week (which also helps me memorize it at the same time).

Monday is a day the Lord has made, let us REJOICE and BE GLAD in it. I challenge you to find one practical thing you can do to make your Mondays awesomer. It could be having your morning coffee while watching the sunrise, going for a walk outside, painting your nails or declaring some affirmations in front of the mirror to yourself  (i.e. Good morning beautiful/handsome, I am loved, I am called, I am wanted, Today is a Good day to have a Great day).

Commit to doing ONE fun thing to spice up your Mondays and watch them go from drab to fab *insert finger snap here*.


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