Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

Uninvited Book Cover Uninvited
Lysa TerKeurst
Thomas Nelson
August 9, 2016

Uninvited is a book by Lysa Terkeurst designed to help you identify and overcome rejections, past and present, in order to experience God's love at its fullest.

Now where to begin. I am normally not an avid reader. I struggle to reach my goal of reading 5 books a year as I usually have a hard time finding books that capture my attention and keep it. This book definitely threw me for a loop and kept me wanting more even as I was feeling the ouchies. I found myself itching for some me time just so I could dive into the next chapter and learn more about how I have been letting past rejections hinder me from digging deeper into Gods love.

Have you ever felt rejected before? The truth is we have ALL felt rejected at one point or another and we tend to carry those rejections with us, knowingly or unknowingly, and we need to learn to let go. Lysa demonstrates how we can begin that journey of letting go by sharing her own experiences. I was able to fully grasp what she trying to teach as well as apply it to my own life.

I found this book to be captivating and challenging. Not only was I learning about the rejections I have allowed to make a home in my heart and set the standards in the different areas of my life but I also learned more about grace. Grace not only for myself but for others. Instead of criticizing and judging, learning to extend that grace because hurt people, hurt people.

I highly encourage you to pick up a copy of this book and go on this journey of overcoming rejection. You will be shocked at the difference within you from when you first open the book to when you close it. "The enemy wants us to feel rejected...left out, lonely, and less than" but God has SO MUCH MORE in store for you.

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