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It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke

by Ben Silk 0 Comments

Since Jefferson Bethke’s viral youtube video I have come to love his perspective and his ability to make the Bible relatable, especially with the millennials. He opens It’s Not What You Think by asking a question that I haven’t really thought of asking myself before, “what if we aren’t seeing Jesus properly? What implication does that have for our lives? What if Jesus isn’t who we think?” A great question considering how often we try and make Jesus fit into our lives instead of trying to fit in to how he lived his life. As Jefferson states later on in the book, “our dream version of following Jesus is to have all the facts. Jesus’ dream of us following him is to sit with us.” Isn’t that so true? There has been so many times personally where I wished I knew why this or that happened and instead Jesus is asking for us to be content with just being able to sit and rest in his presence. When we are able to do that we can be at peace knowing that our God is perfect, loving and always looking out for us and whatever those answers we so desperately needed, they seem to fade in comparison. His first chapter covers how our story is not what we think, that love defined us before anything else did. He reminds us of one of God’s very first questions to us, “who told you were naked?” That question always helps remind me of who the enemy is.


I love how he talks about how people can view the Bible, whether that be a moral compass, a sword or a collection of stories. So how do you view the Bible? “Your answer to that question ultimately gives you a very specific view of God and your role as someone under him” He goes on to say…”the best way to view Scripture as a whole is as a story —a long story that is full of the bumps and bruises, twists and turns, plotlines, character development, climaxes, and conclusions every story should have.” Ultimately the Bible is about how God became the King of the world and “when we view the Scriptures as a story—more important, this specific story—we see our own roles in the story.” Bethke challenges us as he looks at different areas of the Bible and says “it’s not what you think.” This book is easy to read and great for anyone no matter where they are in their walk with Jesus.