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Rise by Trip Lee

by Ben Silk 0 Comments

As a young Christian in my mid twenties, I feel as this book is speaking to my demographic. I have barely heard any music by Trip Lee, however I was interested to find out the perspective of a hip hop rapper who is also a pastor. I discovered that I connected a lot with what he had to say. He splits the book up into three sections: “getting up, growing up, and pointing up.”

Trip Lee asks several questions that hit you in the heart, for example…”If you have been given new life, why would you wait to start walking in it?” This is a great reminder that God calls us to walk with Him as we are not as we want to be. Another great question he asks is “are you willing to give anything up so that others can gain something?” This question speaks to your mindset and your perspective, that we are called to serve.

He talks about procrastination, lust, being a young father, maturing as a Christian…and several other topics that hit home with me. His book is a call to RISE to the potential that God has spoken over us through His Word.

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The Leadership Handbook by John C Maxwell

by Ben Silk 0 Comments

This is a great book. It is definitely one of the books I will go back to several times throughout my lifetime. However, when I did receive this book I was a little let down to find out that I had already read it. It is a republishing of Leadership Gold, which I was not aware when I requested to review this book. That being said, I read Leadership Gold as part of my reading list in 2014 and it is full of highlights.

The book covers 26 leadership lessons that John C Maxwell has put together from his lifetime of leading. Each chapter contains “Mentoring Moments” that includes exercise to help apply each chapters lessons.

Whether you are aspiring to be in a leadership position, or are currently a leader in your company, community or church this book should definitely be on your list of must reads.