Speak: How your story can change the world by Nish Weiseth


Speak is about sharing your story. I’ll be honest,  it has not been always easy for me to share my story. At times, I have felt embarrassed,  or ashamed, however most of the time it is really about thinking, “there’s nothing cool or special about my story, no crazy miracles of healing,  etc….what would anyone get from hearing my story?” Nish has helped me change my attitude and perspective and has made me realize the importance of sharing my story. By willing to be open and raw, it enables others to be open and raw with you. Our stories are important, no matter how mundane, because as she points out … at the end of the day it is more impactful to share your story instead of a sermon.  Stories allow you to capture the heart, knocking down walls and breaking barriers. By sharing our stories we can do better at coming together for solutions. By listening to each other and applying the rule to “always know the other persons story before jumping to conclusions”, we will have the opportunity and ability to change the world one story at a time. In her book Speak, Nish shares her story of moving from one of the most anti-organized religion places in America- Portland,  Oregon to the epicentre of latter day saints or Mormons in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She realizes that through all the differences between the two cities,  they still share one thing in common: an unwillingness to listen to the stories of differing opinions. As Nish points out this is an epidemic,  not only in our cities and countries, but globally and even in our homes.  We are more polarized today then ever before, too many of us are focused on winning or being right instead of loving on our neighbour’s by really listening and understanding where tbey are coming from. If you were like me and dont feel your story is worth sharing, or you feel you need to do a better job of listening to the stories of others then I encourage you to read this book. Also be sure to check out deeperstory.com, a blog where they “believe that if we’re honest, vulnerable and brave when we tell our stories, that those stories can build bridges across ideologies, advocate for the least of these, and proclaim the Kingdom of God breaking in on earth every day.”

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