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Daily Checklist #10: What does a growth environment look like?

1. Others are ahead of you.
2. You are continually challenged.
3. Your focus is forward.
4. The atmosphere is affirming.
5. You are often out of your comfort zone.
6. You wake up excited.
7. Failure is not your enemy.
8. Others are growing.
9. People desire change.
10. Growth is modeled and expected.

John C Maxwell … Leadership Gold

It’s amazing to read this list and realize that our Primerica environment hits all of these points. I’ve come to realize some of these points at different times in my young career. By having your focus forward and a positive atmosphere and others are growing with you it makes it a heck of a lot easier to step out of your comfort zone and make failure your friend. Being able to bring others along that also desire change and help you continually challenge yourself and them, that’s what helps me get up excited! Find your passion and create the type of environment John C Maxwell talks about and you’re bound to be successful.

Daily Checklist #9: Three Types of People

Joel Stockstill was a guest speaker @livinghope this weekend, he shared an amazing message about how to handle yourself when “trees fall south.” He shared that there are three types of people:

1) Eggs…When you drop them the splatter and they can never recover.

2) Oranges…When you drop them, they don’t break but if you drop them enough times they bruise and they are no longer good.

3) Bouncy Balls….When you drop them, they bounce back even higher than where they were before.

It’s a great analogy to remind yourself of anytime something doesn’t go your way; use the momentum the devil is trying to use to bring you down to spring you even higher than you ever were before! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

How high do you want to rise? Do you want to continue to increase? Do you want to see more of God’s blessings and favour?

How high do you want to rise? Do you want to continue to increase? Do you want to see more of God’s blessings and favour?

If so, the higher we go, the more disciplined we must be; the quicker we must obey. If we’re hanging around people who compromise and cheat…and have no integrity, we’re just asking for trouble.

-Joel Osteen, Become a Better You



Daily Checklist #8: Perspective

When we become conditioned to perceived truths and closed to new positive possibilities, the following happens:

We see what we expect to see, not what we can see.

We hear what we expect to hear, not what we can hear.

We think what we expect to think, not what we can think.

John C Maxwell

That last one was a huge eye opener for me. Change your thinking, the rest will change too.

Daily Checklist #7: Code of Persistence

1. I will never give up so long as I know I am right.

2. I will believe that all things will work out for me if I hang on until the end.

3. I will be courageous and undismayed in the face of odds.

4. I will not permit anyone to intimidate me or deter me from my goals.

5. I will fight to overcome all physical handicaps and setbacks.

6. I will try again and again and yet again to accomplish what I desire.

7. I will take new faith and resolution from the knowledge that all successful men and women have had to fight defeat and adversity.

8. I will never surrender to discouragement or despair no matter what seeming obstacles may confront me.