The Jesus Code by O.S. Hawkins


Even though this is a devotional, it is very tempting to read the book through as I find myself growing in confidence and faith as I learn the full meaning of the questions asked throughout the Bible. In the Jesus Code, O.S. Hawkins breaks down critical questions that every believer should answer. As a newer Christian, I must admit that these are some great questions that I have found myself searching for answers for and I am grateful to have them answered in details all in one place! I love the way he brings out the story behind each question and explains how to apply the answers in your life.  Although I have only read a few of the devotionals so far, I find them leaving a last impression on my entire week. The devotional allows me to view the questions in a different light and have a better understanding of the stories throughout the Bible. The Jesus Code has equipped me to know how to answer the tough questions that I did not know how to answer, for example “If the Lord is with us, Why then has all this happened to us?” It was amazing to receive an extra copy in error and be able to share it with someone so that it may impact them as much as it has for me. I believe this a great devotional for any believer no matter where they are in their journey with Christ.

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