Book 7: It’s a God thing by Don Jacobson and K-Love

It's a God thing

It’s a God thing

It’s a God thing is truly a book that needs to be shared with the world. An amazing book of everyday miracles, it contains stories of hope, redemption, overcoming, victory and God’s love.  Don Jacobson and K-Love put together a great collection of everyday miracles that can’t be explained any other way then by God’s hand in the living world. This is a book you find yourself not wanting to put down as story after story share of God’s amazing power and timing. If you are thinking that the miracles that occur in the Bible no longer happen in everyday life, this book proves otherwise. As a Christian young in his faith and walk with God, these stories encouraged me to change my perspective and remind myself to surrender to God’s will. If you are a Christian this book will help strengthen your faith and remind you that God is always in control and always present and watching over us. If you are not yet a Christian, I pray that this book will show you the power of an amazing God that loves you, forgives you and will redeem you as you believe in his Son, Jesus Christ.

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